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We want to have our desires second guessed for us, complex algorithms that can pluck our truest wants from inside a tangled sub-conscious. Data collection and personification remove the weight of a wall of choice. You collect information based on previous transactions and use customer discovery to reduce the number of unsatisfactory choices a customer has to disregard.

Think of this example.

How The Paradox of Choice is Turning Your Customers Away

You are offered a choice between rooms at a hotel, the Grand Deluxe suite and the Royal Crowne suite. Faced with these similar, vague signifiers your choice is not based on empirical evidence but a muddled collection of connotations, memories, expectations and associations. Now, imagine if the choice was made for you, based on your previous decisions.

Smale's inside out paradox

If you were to offer the same guest a choice between a list of fifty similar vacation properties to stay, with one hundred optional extras to choose from, your likelihood of actually receiving a booking falls drastically. The guest has little to no product knowledge so when actually faced with the decision, they are lost.

The secret to capitalizing on our apparent love for choice yet the inertia it causes lies in personalisation.

This means removing certain levels of choice depending on the customer or guest we are dealing with, whilst having a lot of potential options to generate initial interest. Data collection and customer discovery are the key steps in removing an excess of choice. The role of data collection technology that can use this data is to guide customers through an experience with fewer useless distractions or choices with an unclear positive and negative outcome.

The industry leading the way in using this data to provide a better experience and generate more income is the travel and accommodation sector. Guests and passengers are the perfect test case because there are multiple variables and choices to be made with very little knowledge of the potential best case outcome of these choices.

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For example, if you ask a guest of a property which direction they would like their room to face, this is an example of a choice with a potential risk of dissatisfaction yet very little actual resources to base the decision on. Rather than making customers imagine the potential negative outcome of making a poor choice, you tap into their positive memories and remove the legwork of working out which room would be the best fit for their specific tastes. For contrast, the global average is around 2.

Turning the tables?

This rate has been declining steadily: between the early s and today, the fertility rate in South Korea dropped from 5. Across the world, this number is 2. A growing social phenomenon in South Korea, "the Sampo Generation", has seen women giving up three things: relationships, marriage and children Credit: Valentina d'Efilippo.

An increasing number are choosing never to marry at all, turning their backs on legal partnerships — and even casual relationships — in favour of having independent lives and careers in what can still be a sexist society despite economic advances. The shift is part of a rising social phenomenon in South Korea: the Sampo Generation.

The Knowledge Work Factory: Turning the Productivity Paradox into Value for Your Business

Statistics reflect the dramatic shift in culture: marriage rates among South Koreans of childrearing age — both men and women — have plummeted over the last four or five decades. South Korea now has one of the highest life expectancies in the world — ranked twelfth highest for , equal with Iceland Credit: Valentina d'Efilippo. In later stages of the demographic transition, improvements in health care generally lead to a population with extended longevity. That is exactly what is happening in South Korea, where life expectancy has increased rapidly in the second half of the 20th Century amid industrialisation.

In the first half of the s, life expectancy was just shorter than 42 years on average 37 for men, 47 for women.

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Today, the numbers look radically different. To please customers on a consistent basis, you need to track items like:. Practice tactical automation. Automated customer support can be valuable for simplifying customer service, managing high call volumes or managing lower volumes with less staff and prioritizing caller importance. This can allow you to extend your hours and geographic coverage and reduce the time your CS reps spend on lower-priority tasks.

Other important contact center upgrades include:. Tune your IVR.

Your IVR system is an incredibly complex investment and, like any tool or machine, it requires maintenance to ensure it operates properly. Tuning can be an alternative to a more expensive system replacement and small changes can have a big impact on system performance.

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