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Reading this book is like playing a game of Civilization in your head. The colonists start with nothing then steadily work their way up the technology tree It's an interesting story even though the characters were almost too capable in their skills and got along so well.

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Verne came really close to crossing the believability line there and it was amusing at times. A couple of the projects they undertake seemed over the top and unnecessary but paid off in the end. The amount of scientific detail was about right for me.

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The chemistry parts were kind of dry I enjoyed following the colonists as they explored the island and developed their new home. The mystery was engaging and the action really picked up going into the last third of the book. The ending was good but disappointing. It explained the sources of all the mysteries but gave little info on how they happened.

It also breezed through the final fate of the colonists. Given some of the lengthy scientific explanations earlier in the book I expected more detail. Instead, Verne flies through the last five chapters like he's in a hurry to catch a hot air balloon. It really needed more pages. A strange thing about reading the book was that I found myself humming the tune to Gilligan's Island a lot when I wasn't reading it. I'd think of the book and that tune popped into my head.

This book was written in French over years ago, so I expected the writing style to be different. The most noticeable thing is that Verne hypes up his characters in very dramatic terms. They appear almost superhuman in their personality traits and abilities.

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Some descriptions are clearly exaggerated beyond belief Every single battle? I don't know if this was common in 19th century writing, or was one of Verne's traits or something lost in translation but the exclamation point is used heavily.

Very heavily How do you exclaim something said in a murmur? You get used to it after a while and it almost becomes a running joke. Verne has a very effective narrative style.

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He engages the reader directly with questions and creates a sense of conversation This version of the book also includes the illustrations over 70 from the original publishings. They're a good supplement to the mental picture you paint of the colonists and their surroundings. The most helpful is the map of Lincoln Island at the front of the book. Each chapter heading is a list of highlights of what will happen during the chapter.

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I've never seen this done before. It gives away pieces of the story so I ignored them after the third or fourth chapter. Verne is known for his science fiction writing and prediction of future uses for technology.

There's a lot of science in this book but it's mostly stuff that would have been known in the 19th century. About halfway through the book, Verne has the colonists discussing the world eventually exhausting its supply of coal to power modern industry and transportation.

Cyrus Smith predicts that "water is the coal of the future" and will be used to power everything. Specifically by using electricity to break water down into its component elements He's basically talking about using electrolysis to fuel a hydrogen fuel cell. Don't read the Introduction by Caleb Carr before reading the story. It gives away the biggest mystery of the island. The bio of Jules Verne at the start of the book also gives it away and should be avoided until you've read the book. I don't know why the publishers opted to spoil the surprise for readers.

The piece by Carr could have been moved to the end of the book and they only need to strike one sentence from the Verne bio. They probably assumed everyone is familiar with the story but that's a poor assumption to make. When the title of the book is "The Mysterious Island", it's a bad idea to disclose the key piece of that mystery before the reader actually reads the story. Unfortunately, I read a summary of the book which gave this away before I read the book.

The book was still worth reading but would have been fun to read without that knowledge. If you don't plan to read the book and want to know the mystery, you can check out Wikipedia's summary. I liked this book a lot. The writing style was a little distracting at first but the quality of the story quickly took over.

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The colonists of Lincoln Island took much more initiative to understand their surroundings and control their destiny than the Oceanic survivors. This could be because they weren't expecting a rescue party to arrive any day like the Losties were. It could also have to do with the time period Now it's your turn Is this your favorite Jules Verne novel? What connections do you see with the tv show Lost? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. It was a amazing story. I really like Jules Verne novels. It gives inspiration as well as it made my interest in this novel so fast. As it was a fabulous and marvellous novel. I am really speechless about this novel.

The best part of this novel was beware of spoilers. It was really a good novel for a new generation. It make interest so fast in children. As my parents read this book so many times and appreciate it. I haven't read this book till now though heard a lot about. Fabulous job.

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