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After composing herself, Ms. Dorchak continues in a verbal sprint that condenses days, months, and years. Here, the narrative has the feel of an oft-told tale, but, is, nevertheless, immensely compelling: " I was in the ambulance, and, miraculously, I started breathing again. All the impact injuries are along the side of my body, not the front.

She pulled on the leash and pulled me from a direct frontal hit from the train. I know Kelsey saved my life. We spent 2 years together in recuperation. Next, Ms. I was here to help animals. Lo and behold, the obvious finally came to me.

I should do what I intended to do which was become a lawyer. And, I should help dogs. The rest of the video is spent discussing how she actualized her epiphany. Following the accident, though, greyhounds were not in her radar for years. Our goal was to end greyhound racing in I collected more than 15, signatures.

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We got enough signatures for a ballot question. Along with Ms. Jill Hopfenbeck, and Carey Theil.

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The quartet worked together on the failed Massachusetts ballot against greyhound racing Theil. Undaunted and determined to learn how to write ever better ballot questions and execute better campaigns, Ms. The donations would support—as they still do—legislative and political activities, plus salary, benefits, and expenses for Ms.

Dorchak and her partner, Carey Theil. None of the funds would be earmarked for greyhound pet adoption or welfare. Indeed, Ms. Dorchak has identifiable links with ALF, which has been designated a domestic terrorist group by the F. In , she and John P. Goodwin were panelists together at the Animal Rights National Convention. Through the years, Coronado and Goodwin were convicted of various crimes, such as fur farm and laboratory arson, and they both completed stints in prison or home arrest.

Dog race - Racing greyhounds

Pratt, Careers. When these two talked, Ms. I consider every day after September 10, extra. My focus on this particular mission is to end dog racing. Throughout the video, Ms. When she provides details about the accident and its aftermath, the camera dwells on her as she speaks, cutting away to various photographs of her hooked to tubes and machines in a hospital bed and outdoors in a wheelchair with Kelsey standing close. It is hard to watch her talk about the accident without feeling intense empathy for Ms. In fact, one feels compelled to reach out—to contribute—in some palpable way as a tribute to her endurance.

The last thing a viewer wants is to test the veracity of what Ms. Dorchak shares. However, it is imperative to test that veracity because Ms.

Dorchak uses this story as a means to an end, which is to solicit public funds and sway citizens and legislators to support her anti-greyhound racing efforts. The story has, in fact, become larger than life, metaphorically parading into a room to announce her entrance. Or so, it would seem from reading many of the articles about her where journalists come across as being under her hypnotic spell.

She wears the story like a Purple Heart awarded for bravery in battle, and it becomes her.

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Still, when public funds and public matters are at stake, the story should be comprehensive. Details that shed pertinent light should be provided as part of the package. In other words, honesty and transparency should be front and center. Something Ms. Filed in Suffolk County Superior Civil Court, docket number , the case was tried by jury in An interesting, and crucial, note is that the jury ruled in favor of defendant MBTA, et al, and against Ms. Dorchak as plaintiff. Newspaper articles were no help in locating the file because not a word could be found about the accident, let alone the lawsuit.

Finding the lawsuit required a common-sense belief that there had to be one somewhere. Librarians and court personnel provided assistance as allowed by law, and, eventually, the docket number was identified. Getting the file in hand was difficult because it was buried with all the other disposed files in the archives of Suffolk County Court. But, finally, it surfaced from the depths, offering up a story of its own.

Here is verbatim background from that document: "This action concerns an accident which occurred at approximately a. The vehicle was traveling between 10 m. Osgood was in the process of approaching the platform and had started applying the brakes of the LRV at the time of the occurrence of this accident. Osgood observed Ms.

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Dorchak walking in the street on Commonwealth Avenue on the date of the accident. She was walking towards the oncoming LRV and against the automobile traffic. Ebooks and Manuals

When Osgood was approximately one foot or less away from Ms. Dorchak, she crossed immediately into the path of the oncoming LRF. Osgood had initiated braking but could not avoid striking Ms. Dorchak was found lying on the side of the train away from street, between the LRV and a wrought-iron fence which separates the eastbound and westbound rails.

A dog believed to belong to Ms. Dorchak was sitting next to her immediately after the accident It is revealing to compare Ms. The lawsuit file contains varied information ranging from pleadings and exhibits to depositions and interrogatories where respondents are under oath to tell the truth.

Side-by-side, the facts conveyed in the lawsuit simply do not match up with the details shared by Ms. Each issue is read by more than , people. The Retired Greyhound Trust comprises 70 branches located across Britain which find around 4, homes for greyhounds every year. To locate and contact your nearest branch, visit: retiredgreyhounds.

Copyright: All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever without prior written permission from the copyright holder. However there are many more dogs patiently waiting for their new family. This campaign urged dog lovers to consider adopting a retired greyhound as their next pet and to support their local RGT branch.

Cat, a fan of the breed, said: "Greyhounds might be known for their speed on the track but they are actually very calm and loving animals. These images formed the backbone of the campaign, which included editorial and adverts that were printed in national newspapers across Scotland. This news coverage drove readers to a unique site www. Thank you to Cat, our Scotland branches, volunteers and everyone who helped make this homing drive a success.

They have such lovely and charming personalities. The award, which recognises outstanding work in the rehoming of ex-racing greyhounds, has been awarded since She has overcome her own personal challenges, and has built one of the Trust's most successful branches that has homed over greyhounds in the last three years alone.

It does take a lot of effort and sheer hard work to make a branch successful. Thank you to them all.