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Journeys in Translation. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Management decisions will more and more be shaped by factors outside the control of individuals or organizations.

German Images of the Self and the Other

The management, the workforce and all other constituencies will be highly fragmented in the new world. Intrinsic motivation that drives people is determined by character, ethical standards, beliefs, background and social traditions. The significant challenge is to maintain a strong culture and engagement level which adheres to the value set of the corporation within a fragmented organization and adapts to the social fabric of the society in which the organization operates. To be perceived as an innovative, future oriented corporation is a key factor to success in the economy of twenty-first century in transformation.

This holds true for companies that are not per se in a high-technology field as well.

Innovation is not limited to technology development. New ideas in all areas, the enabling of the organizational structure and fostering of motivated talents, eager to move forward, are essential to sustainable long-term growth. Such a spirit of innovation contains energy that turns aspiration into success and builds intangible assets. Like in a kaleidoscope the picture shown changes constantly; every move, every shift of position and each angle present a different view. No matter how thorough the analysis, how detailed the data and how careful the interpretations are, considering the situation of a world in transformation the ability to innovate faster and in new ways will always be critical to success.

The new dynamics of a fastchanging and less predictable world economy request agile organizations. Leaders feel the pressure to execute strategy faster and with more adaptability, flexibility and speed.

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The building block to out-perform competition is how the enterprise anticipates, understands, interprets and acts on the constant changes on the market place and in the new business environment. The key elements must all fit and they must be synchronized in order to achieve excellent performance. This requires an agile organization that operates within a value based framework Fig. Bugmann, Zurich. The challenge to become and remain agile is far greater for the heritage organizations, the ones with a track record of past successes and the ones with a traditional Western leadership style, than for the newly created company in booming areas of the new multi-polar economy.

In a business world evolving so rapidly, the setting of the strategy must be achieved quickly and swiftly; adjusted often and the issues of implementation must be addressed concurrently. On the contrary, a stringent overall business strategy must be the basis. But it must leave ways to comprehend and exploit the potential of fundamentally new business models.

Organizations can be paralyzed with established processes for strategic and financial planning in the attempt to 66 E. Britschgi minimize uncertainty or by gathering and analyzing empirical data. Effective risk assessment requires new kinds of tools beyond the traditional linear understanding. This model needs to reflect the reality, integrate the constant changes and enable the company to move swiftly forward.

Agile organisations use analytics and marketing intelligence to gain understanding across all critical dimensions of their business as well as insights from customers and suppliers. This instinct leads executives to choose to copy successes rather tan try to create something brand-new. They will build agile centres of excellence that will include methods, tools, systems and processes to anticipate changes and combine them with experiences and insights from all management disciplines. Management and workforce may be distributed across all continents. Being able to predict how well the different teams can respond to changes and execute rapid transformation is of essence.

By adopting a mindset of continuous renewal, an organization creates a culture that supports and motivates the kinds of behaviours required to be agile and hence successful Green, The leadership style is inclusive and collaborative and leaders are role models that demonstrate the desired behaviour themselves. Research and experience will prove the positive effects on performance and management values in the near future. First indications are promising. Success of an organization is largely determined by its capability which is a direct function of its talents and skills.

Senior executives are increasingly aware of the fact that the best strategies and technologies depend ultimately on how well their managers and employees execute.

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As the economy continues to sputter, layoffs increase and uncertainty intensifies, this simple fact often gets forgotten. Companies face significant issues maintaining investments in employee development and support during tough economic times. Some companies make two contrasting errors: they try to be too focused on process and look at workforce as if it could be easily reduced or manipulated like a steam engine.

Or, on the other hand, they act if people are too unpredictable and complex to be part of a rigorous business solution. Research and experience prove that the ability to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to people development, training, tools and collaboration is critical to maintain engagement and intrinsic motivation. These companies institutionalize a sense of creative discomfort. They promote continuous learning and experimenting.

Leaders foster agility on all levels and a behavior that sees opportunities rather than barriers and looks beyond the way things are done now to the way things could be done in the future. The traditional commandand-control management is replaced by an open-minded, constructive collaboration, generally within a flat organizational structure, mostly without titles and no status symbols.

The structure is set up to promote men and women without discrimination. Mixed teams are built deliberately and members are carefully selected according to their talents, skills and behavior pattern.

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Agile companies understand flexibility and speed not as an end in itself or just a fancy new management method, but as the way to improve their responsiveness to constant changing market conditions in their ability to serve customers best and their capacity to change, innovate and grow. This will lead them to outperform their competition and exceed the expectations of their stakeholders. Britschgi — Processes Still many corporations organize themselves into systems around their internal structure. The excellent organization follows a process orientation that is focused on high performance and exceeding customer expectations throughout all the touch points.


The world stands not still while a company tinkers with new processes and improvement of delivery chains. Generally speaking the following issues drive a reconfiguration of processes: a major shift is on the horizon that will change the efficiency of the process; customers increased or switched demand; new technologies request adaptation; anticipation of a move by the competition; an opportunity to leapfrog competition. An alignment of strategy, structure and processes is a necessity for business success. Excellent organizations resist the temptation to develop their planning along a linear trajectory.

The implementation of redefined processes affects every part of an organization and commands a strong linkage to strategy, capability management, structural organization and resources. Other corporations hastily lock themselves into agreements; choose inappropriate models; or misjudge the risks, organizational resources, or skills that integrated resource management involve. Such mistakes generate missed opportunities and may disturb the entire organization. Given the pressure and the cycles in supply and demand, the growing competition for resources and capital, resource management becomes a dominant success factor.

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There is no doubt that the world is in transformation and even euphemists must acknowledge that major challenges are ahead of political and business leaders in the years — or the months — to come. The changes in demography, in the geographical environment, in society and the search of millions of people for resources, food and water leading to migrations and the armed conflicts are real. A new wave of hostility and rejection of capitalism in its old form will require a sustainable business model that is credible and encompasses all stakeholders. The multi-polar economy will grow further, competition become fiercer; businesses will experience pressure from the market place as well as from the workforce.

Resources are scarce; the scarcest of all are talents. The only constant in this new business world will be change. Good is not enough, the successful company must be great. Bibliography Beer M Managing change and transition. Research paper, University of St. Gallen Herskovits MJ Man and his works.

Alfred A. Knopf Inc. HarperCollins Publishers, London. Pearson Education Ltd. Successful legal management addresses both contractual and statutory legal obligations. With regards to contractual obligations, the article presents standardized processes for entering, maintaining and terminating contractual relationships, while in terms of statutory legal obligations the focus is on establishing compliance processes that minimize risk both for the company and its management. Schelinski und J. Tabelle 1. Klauseln, die gegen die xx ff. Das bedeutet z.

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Dabei empfiehlt es sich in derartigen Approvalrichtlinien die Hinzuziehung von Rechtsberatern sehr restriktiv vorzugeben. Die Fachabteilung kennt den potenziellen Vertragspartner und seine Unternehmens- und Verhandlungskultur in der Regel besser als hinzugezogene rechtliche Berater. Sollte Letzteres der Fall sein, kann sich die einseitige Einschaltung eines rechtlichen Beraters hinderlich auf die Vertragsverhandlungen auswirken. Sofern der Abschluss eines kleinvolumigen Vertrags nicht mit dem Risiko eines erheblichen finanziellen Schadens belastet ist, kann zwar auf die Hinzuziehung von rechtlichen Beratern weitestgehend verzichtet werden.

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